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Some of these Predictions were written prior to December 2022 in blogs, or lectures so some of them may have already occurred or will happen in the next few months.

Per ChatGBT, this is what we’re looking at for 2023:

What predictions do you see for the US?

It is difficult to make specific predictions for the future of the US as it depends on a wide range of factors such as political decisions, economic conditions, and global events. However, some potential predictions for the US include:

Continued political polarization and division, especially as the 2020 presidential election approaches.

Continued growth of the economy, with potential for increased employment and rising wages.

Continued technological innovation and advancement, leading to new industries and job opportunities.

Continued focus on environmental issues and efforts to address climate change.

Continued debates over immigration policy and border security.

Possible changes to healthcare policy, depending on the outcome of ongoing debates and court cases.

Continued global tensions and potential for international conflicts, particularly with regard to trade and relations with other countries.


Prediction #1: Some foods (Like Meat) will eventually have some type of numeric value label on them that will determine their carbon footprint value and in some cases, have a Climate impact rating surtax on it that you have to pay for it ..

Prediction #2: By 2024, we will see another virus that will infect people at a rate of multiplies of 50 to 70 times faster than the original covid-19 virus. ..

Prediction #3: Reports of strange lights or atmospheric phenomena will increase in this new year.  Some of these anomalies will be related to UFO activity and some of it will be strange rainbow-colored orbs/clouds that appear out of nowhere as we get closer to 2027. ….

Prediction #4: Human consumption of human organs or tissue cells will be commonplace within 2 years...

Prediction #5: Someone high up in a Government will provide Proof that we never completely went to the moon in July 1969 and will be revealed by 2024.. .. ..

Prediction #6: Some towns and cities will renounce the USA or US Govt and create Sovereign cities and communities.. ..

Prediction #7: A mass new breakout of HIV/AIDS in Africa/Europe will create another round of testing and mRNA Vaccines by the end of 2023 for everyone. . .

Prediction #8: Chinese President Xi will make a move to try and take back Taiwan (Or, the disputed islands in the East China sea) by 2024 since they see that the US largely won’t do anything about it – because of what Russia got away with in Ukraine!….

Prediction #9: Vaccine Passports haven’t gone away and will continue to grow where many countries will eventually require you to have one, or it will somewhat inhibit your access to medical services county-by-county.. .

Prediction #10: At some point after the invasion in Ukraine is over, future “Climate Change” will be blamed on the Russian invasion of Ukraine..

Prediction #11: Some of the US financial businesses/corporations that turned their back on Russia will be abused by China and barred from doing business with both countries in the future – this could mean that Russia will take over their companies by Nationalizing them as well...

Prediction #12: Car manufacturers will cut out local retail dealerships in the future and just allow them to do repairs and warranty upgrades. You will buy your vehicle online straight from the manufactures!  Local dealerships will be a thing of the past within 10 years.

Prediction #13: Attacks on the Rich/Elite will continue and pick up political speed after the Russia/Ukraine war ends – Many people/groups around the world will loot, damage, steal, or confiscate personal property from the Rich with some having bounties in their heads. ..

Prediction #14: The US WILL turn its back on Ukrainian people when the war is over with Russia. So the billions of dollar in taxpayer money used in payoffs and funding of military equipment will once again fall into the hands of the provocateur, which is Russia. ..

Prediction #15: We’re heading into turbulent time, the world will experience 2-3 major threats from asteroids/comets and space debris in 2027, 2029, and 2036-2037 – This is also one of the reasons that the Elite are trying to go into space and to the moon and Mars ..

Prediction #16: Pet food is going to be in short supply in some places this year. Pet food rationing is coming to the USA and ALL food will be higher because of that. ….

Prediction #17: Multiple major banks will eventually stop issuing loans for gas vehicles in an effort to promote Electric Vehicles within 2 years.

Prediction #18: At some point this year, a concerted effort toward affordable home Hydroponics farming will take off and be a major player in the indoor vertical farming movement – (Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal, may take the lead on this with a cheap home products?).

Prediction #19: Some smaller local/community Banks will begin to go under due to inflation, and a lack of demand for loans and deposits by 2024.

Prediction #20: Several groups like: Big Brother – Big Sisters of America will be sued over their name pronouns.

Prediction #21: Some major political parties and State/Local Governments will be replaced with companies/corporations making local decisions – (The UN will eventually be making some decisions in some cities and not individuals or local governments).

Prediction #22: Along with the medicine shortage this Winter, a Vitamin shortage is coming along higher prices – “A’s, B’s” C’s & D’s will be priced higher so stock up NOW!.

Prediction #23: A new wave of layoffs is coming to several US automotive manufactures – probably GM and Ford by Spring of 2023-2024 – with a possible near bankruptcy looming for one of them!. ….

Prediction #24: We will learn that the baby formula shortage was NOT a shortage at all and was planned to test the efficiency and readiness of the federal government to respond to any critical food shortage in the future.

Prediction #25: A move to get insurance companies to pay for an experimental genetic “Fountain of Youth” cocktail of DNA and human plasma (blood) will be offered .

Prediction #26: The 2023 storm season will see at least 3 Typhoons/Tsunami/Hurricanes that will affect, or damage Japan, Philippines and the US this year..

Prediction #27: A new discovery of an advanced ancient underground city will stun scientists and rewrite history as we know it. Possibly located in the US or another country. (This could also be linked to Elon Musk and his “Boring” company that digs tunnels under cities)..

Prediction #28: Due to shipping and supply shortages, NASA will not go to the moon until 2027 due to accidents, and delays in materials needed. ...

Prediction #29: Some ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) illnesses will be treatable within 2 years with a pill and others will be treated with a neural implant..

Prediction #30: Some states will start enacting mandatory scraping of vehicles over 10 yrs old, or some of those with 100,000 – 200,000 miles or more by 2025. (Lookout California) .

Prediction #31: Personal hygiene will take a plunge as people refuse to take baths to save money (or lack of adequate water supplies) – which will mean more potentials for disease and illnesses coming by 2024. .

Prediction #32: For some reason, we”re about to see a 7%-10% reduction in workforce’s across corporate America by the end of mid-2024. (This will also mean a lot of home losses in the housing market as it contracts). ...

Prediction #33: Cloning of babies (embryos) will be an accepted way to offset the number of people dying in countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, and other declining nations to help with re-population before 2030. …

Prediction #34: Something like Vigilanty Justice will occur with reports of people in small communities starting to take the law into their own hands and creating posse’s to locate and punish law-breakers. This will be outside of the current neighborhood watch systems that are already in place. ….

Prediction #35: There will be an attempt to replace the iconic Georgia Guidestones, but the location will be damaged well before construction has been completed...

Prediction #36: The new King Charles, will be vilified in the press as he breaks under pressure and makes a lot of mistakes that get leaked to the press – The Kingdom will fail to recover quickly and the Crown will lose its luster for many years...

Prediction #37: Electrical rolling blackouts and Brownouts will be a common theme by 2024 across the country due to Electric Vehicles sales, poor infrastructure and soaring damage due to storms and in-climate weather….

Prediction #38: New shortages of canned tomatoes, coffee, cereal, honey, rice, WINE, BEER, wheat, soap, toilet paper, Mustard/Ketchup (and Ketchup/Mustard packets) will be in small supply in 2023-2024..

Prediction #39: The German economy will be destroyed in 2023 due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and the Ukraine as the loss of energy supplies bankrupts large corporations, companies and banks. The US – (IMF/Central bank) will step in at some point with financial help (loans) and resources by August/Sept of 2023. ...

Prediction #40: A new round of small minded States banning gasoline vehicles and machinery  (mowers, weed eaters, generators, etc) will include Washington State, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, after they shortsightedly adopt California´s ban on gasoline fueled equipment by 2035. I predict many of them will push that date farther into the future or eliminate the ban altogether before 2035….

Prediction #41: The price of electricity (plus surcharges) will create a situation where Electric Vehicles will be just as expensive to operate than gas engines within 5 year.. .

Prediction #42: The US unemployment rate will peak above 4.5% – 4.9% by the 4th quarter of 2023..

Prediction #43: The unemployment rate will rise for teens and minorities during the later part of 2023 due in part because most older people are taking those jobs in order to supplement their incomes…..

Prediction #44: Pope Frances will NOT be the last Pope (after his death) as prophesied by Nostradamus and other mystics as I have decoded that message as meaning that he will instead be the last Pope using the name; “Francis”  since it was an unconventional name for a Pope in the first place.

Prediction #45: A new push to end the $100 (Surprise, under the false guise of terrorism!) will meet strong resistance since over 80% of all $100 bills are located outside of the US and it would create a lack of trust in our currency by foreign investors…



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