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World Psychic – Covid-19 Predictions

These Predictions will cover from April 2020 through April 2021 – Posted Apr 01, 2020 2:00 pm. CDT.


With so many questions surrounding the coming year, there’s going to be a lot of confusion concerning the 2020 economy and of course the confusion with the COVID-19 virus.

My purpose is to relay to you what I feel and see for this year and how you can benefit from the pandemic or economic downturn to your betterment.

All of the lack of leadership in the new media and political driven talking heads in Washington will be addressed at the ballot box this year so I don’t want to spend too much time pointing out the obvious posturing and lying by some of our congressional naysayers for their own selfish reasons. There will be consequences for everyone of them that created the smoke screen and distractions that took the lives of innocent people in our great country..

I have a list of some of the Winners and Losers that you can invest now to make a lot of money when the pandemic leaves us – The FULL list is ONLY available for VIP BLOG subscribers.


Prediction #1: There will be many more sports events that will be canceled along with Basketball, Baseball, NASCAR, Racing, Tennis, Football (both professional and College) between now and the Fall of this year, but some of these sponsors will later reverse course and choose to reinstate the events after they see that it was all a mistake..

Prediction #2:: The rumors of Banks and ATM’s running low on cash, or the announced restriction of withdrawals will create a run on banks as people fear that their money will be lost..

Prediction #3: I sense that gasoline will fall NOT below $1 a gallon as reported and the opposite will happen as the price Nationally stays above $1 a gallon due to continued tensions with Iran, North Korea & China keeping the markets unstable.

Prediction #4: The decision to release prisoners from jail to keep them from getting CV19 will backfire since some of them will either contract CV19 anyway, or they will disappear and cannot be traced after the pandemic is over..

Prediction #5: In most major cities, soft crimes like robberies & theft will increase significantly by July of this year….

Prediction #6 A Major shift in mail delivery is about to take place where Post Office hours will change or packaged deliveries will be interrupted due to a lack of drivers.. ..

Prediction #7: Many aggressive multi-billion dollar lawsuits against China are coming for negligence concerning the release of information and “Creating” the virus in the first place …

Prediction #8: Take out food orders (via drive-thru) that exploded after this outbreak will take a downturn this month. But about 5-8% of non-chain mom & pop restaurants will close before the economy gets back to normal…

Prediction #9: Many new Millionaires will be made after the pandemic is over that sold paper products, medical equipment, masks and anti-viral soaps during the crisis – Many innovative people will become millionaires later that created new products and services that are not now available to the product...

Prediction #10: The US Census will be delayed about 3 months or more due to confusion – disrupted result counts will be affected too this year because the Census will continue to be taken for the first time into the next year (2021)....

Prediction #11: Convid-19 will now be seen as a regular seasonal virus. Eventually, we’ll have to deal with this virus just like we do all the others in the future but there will be a shot for at least one strain of the virus by Summer…. ..

Prediction #12: COVID-19 will be treated with: “Interferon Alpha 2B” (IFNrec) by some countries….

Prediction #13: Later, it will be determined that among those counted dead with the corona virus there were also victims with the common flu victims and others with N1H1, SARS, MERS etc so the actual official numbers will be much less.. ..

Prediction #14: China has been purposely targeted for “economic destruction”, because of their rapidly advancing economy and because of China’s strong currency (the Yuan), potentially taking over the dollar as a main currency reserve  …

Prediction #15: China’s economy will make the fastest recovery after the CV19 pandemic and in the history of China…

Prediction #16: Some Oil companies file for bankruptcy due to their losses But the Govt will bail some of them out…. ….

Prediction #17:The Voluntary & Phobic Social Distancing issue will continue throughout this year as people remain conditioned to stay away from other people that are sick or weak .

Prediction #18: Police will publicly ask for people to snitch on each other that are sick and for the first time, databases will be created for public employees to use with the names of sick people to avoid… .

Prediction #19: More babies will accordingly be born around Christmas through New Years of 2020-2021 than in WWll  … . …

Prediction #20: Proof will be found that traces someone that brought the Virus to the US connected with China’s bio-labs in Wuhan, China…

Prediction #21: There will be at least 3 additional funding stimulus bills/packages this year for families and other business to cover their losses. … . …

Prediction #22: Shaming and fear of success is driving some athletes and sports organizations to cancel their activities the remainder of this year over concerns about the CV19 virus – In other words, some people feel remorseful that they will be able to play sports while their colleagues sacrificed their season(s) due to the outbreak so they will choose to cancel all sports. …

Prediction #23: At least 3-4 total strains of COVID-19 will eventually be discovered as it mutates to another strain. … . …

Prediction #24: The COVID-19 virus pandemic will be taken advantage of by lawmaker’s to promote and accelerate the 5G system rollout since they will present a theory that we cannot live without it and it will help with greater communications in the next pandemic!!… . …

Prediction #25: Personal services like “Door-Dash” catering, Drive Thru take-out and buying/selling cars and vehicles over the phone and internet will continue to increase after CV19 pandemic is over....


**Updated May 19, 2020 – Corrected spelling errors!!


Please email me if you see something I’ve missed in updating this website..




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