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Created Dec 02, 2021 – 07:00am central time. Posted June 2, 2022 9:11pm –


These Predictions were written in the first week of December 2021 so some of them may have already occurred or will happen in the next few months.


Prediction #1: Our economy is on the verge of one of the greatest growth cycles and increased prosperity years since the great depression. (Mainly because people are taking control of their lives and responsibility for their futures by starting their own businesses!)..

Prediction #2: Future (by 2024) Business License requirements in some cities will consist of the mandatory hiring of one minority co-owner, or partner before you can acquire a license or hire anyone else. **(But, most new businesses will be home based and small to maintain control)..

Prediction #3: We’re entering into a period of increased Wellness ~ Opportunity where we can achieve ANY goal or desire if we start moving toward that goal “NOW”. (By putting our Desires into action we’re able to manifest better than any other time this year!)….

Prediction #4: 2022 will be a very important shift in the the “Manifesting Point” for many people as they choose to stay here longer and attract what they want in life faster.. (Money ~ (Think BIG, not small) – Law of Attraction ~ (Play it NOW!) – Thought are things! ~ (Good vs Better thoughts)) . .

Prediction #5: Someone high up in the Biden administration will be nominated for the Peace Prize for their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic – This could be Dr. Fauci or Joe Biden.. ..

Prediction #6: Some people that have taken certain experimental Covid-19 Vaccines will be called: “GMO Humans” or THO for “Trans-Human Organisms” – after a “fresh” court case allows for humans to be patented. ..

Prediction #7: All vehicle sales will be reduced again in 2022-2023 as manufactures will not be able to keep up with demand due to parts shortages and Electrical Vehicle driving risks by Tesla, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota. This ALSO reduces the total number of Vehicles on the road at one time as well – (Is this a part of the Green plan?). .

Prediction #8: Major US homelessness rates are about to reach 1929 levels, but some novel portable housing units will be offered for relief by several High-Tech companies like Tesla, Amazon, Google and others. This will help save MANY lives in the future since people will be able to shelter in place safely….

Prediction #9: Many more retail stores and restaurant chains will fail by 2023 since shortages in meat and raw ingredients will take their toll on already struggling businesses, for now there will be a lot of problems but that will eventually work itself out when new restaurants pop up to fill these voids. .

Prediction #10: All new major education ideas and application of teaching within the next 3 years will be prepared by AI (Artificial Intelligence) computers and be highly successful in discovering new and innovative ways to teach our children. Teachers (and most all Employees) will be hired and Vetted by AI computers!….

Prediction #11: 2022-2023 will see companies like Apple, Tesla, Google, and Amazon turn toward making medical devices to overcome losses in their businesses & market forces (supply chain shortages) by inventing innovative devices that will help save lives and increase their net profit portfolio too...

Prediction #12: Tesla founder, Elon Musk will eventually open retail stores, build full Organic restaurants, sell electric airplanes, motorcycles, e-bikes, along with already selling cars, trucks, Internet service, Rockets, cellphones, he will develop a new low cost desalination technique to help those that live in arid regions

Prediction #13: With the new worldwide push for EV’s, (Electric Vehicles) it will quickly usher in new draconian rules and restrictions like the proposed pay-by-mile taxes scheme since EV’s can be remotely stopped and tracked by the manufacturers at will right now, especially when charging and spying on your driving habits by insurance companies. BEWARE OF GIFTS!..

Prediction #14: Hydrogen powered cars will be the emerging norm, NOT electric vehicles within 5 years due to a lack of availability of raw materials like Lithium and Cobalt to build enough electric Vehicles. As-well-as push-back by consumers over excessive charging times..

Prediction #15: We’re heading into a whole new awe inspiring SUPER industrial revolution concerning breakthroughs in new “Green” technology like:  Affordable battery storage, free energy production, Free internet connectivity, personal computer protection, innovative space travel, proof & discoveries of Life on other planets and human advances in medical treatments for cancer..

Prediction #16: We are close to eliminating ALL Online anonymous accounts ~ We will be forced to ID ourselves or we will not be able to access the internet in the next year or so. We will be losing our ability to stay private as the Govt creates laws that take our rights away. Aka Bitcoin….

Prediction #17: Multiple attacks by Hackers & internet outages will target Silicon Valley giants like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon. and Google over their controversial censorship rules around the world. (So be patient if you see your accounts temporarily blocked this year)…

Prediction #18: At some point by 2024, any future uploaded videos and content (Photos) will be digitally traced by Google and deleted remotely if it is posted online w/o their permission. What I mean by this is; that Google will Require that ALL video content accept their platform rules, or digital rights agreements (basically their online approval)…

Prediction #19: All new major earthquakes within the next 3 years will be predicted by AI (Artificial Intelligence) computers and be highly accurate over forecasters. This will help save MANY lives in the future by predicting greater lead times and threats

Prediction #20: Digital Currency coming!!! Joe Biden announced on March 09, 2022. While they suggested that the functionality could be reasonably simple with transactions flowing directly to and from the Fed. It’s sidestepping banks and payment systems and creating near-seamless flows of ALL cash without Privacy. Banks & Financial institutions will close!!

Prediction #21: Some Billionaires will use monetary or asset shelters to transfer their wealth into space with either an electronic satellite bank, or a fixed orbit platform out of the physical/political reach of world government institutional oversight and control. *(It Could be an ocean bank too, this could be conected to a Digital Currency as well ..

Prediction #22: Banks will start to add creative new fees for withdrawals and deposits – Also raising the minimum in checking accounts to $2,000 in some banks – be prepared for the House of Reps to “re-introduce” new legislation that will require everyone to report to the IRS any income/sales over $600 in cash to any business in a calendar year.

Prediction #23: A global assault on Crypto currencies is coming where some states or countries will ban their use altogether. (USA Leads). Crypto currencies are a threat to Global Governments and the traditional banking system since it theoretically cannot be traced or controlled….

Prediction #24: An Earthquake coming to China where devastation is huge! ~ Could be before Aug-Oct 2022 – Related to Rain or storm? Major Rain coming this year with MANY damaging storms to the Southeast and Southwest. New Records Set!

Prediction #25: Power outages on the West Coast will knock out gas pumps and cause delays in transportation for close to a week in some areas this summer. This will also be related to civil unrest via arsonists, or more forest Fires in California,Washington, and Oregon again by arsonists.

Prediction #26: A financial Cyber attack is coming that will knock out banks and Electrical resources. Last year, the World Economic Forum teamed up with the Russian government and global banks to run a high-profile cyber attack simulation that targeted the financial industry, an actual event that would pave the way for a “reset” of the global economy….

Prediction #27: Almost all damaging or major Tornadoes & storms within the next 2 years will be centered around the Southeastern US and Northeastern coast in 2022-2023. Major movement of earthquakes will be active in the Northwestern US by the Fall of 2023 as well..

Prediction #28: Some States (Like Texas, Alabama, Tenn, Fla, & California, etc) will soon pull back and limit their support of the US Govmt by not following some of their Federal Laws. *(Aka: States Rights Issue)  Rather, they will only enforce strict Constitutional laws that they see as valid by their State Legislators...

Prediction #29: 2022-2024 will see some states will sue each other over water (and Power) rights, not only in the Western part of the USA, but including: Wa, Ca, Utah, Az, and Nevada, but also in the South, like Ala, Ga, Tenn, and Ms

Prediction #30: A new wave of corporate strikes, walkouts, and worker “slow-downs” will mark 2022 with record business failures or closings due to discontented employees walking off of their jobs due to wage/benefit disputes again! Expect to see continued supply chain issues and hording occurring next 2 years en mass. – Unions striking or work slow-down? .

Prediction #31: I had a dream where Joe Biden tripped and fell, or passed out in a public place. This caused some major concern among top military brass and members of Congress to the point that the nuclear codes were taken away from him due to his health connected to this accident. “It Could be 25th Amendment issue” to get him out of office as well..

Prediction #32: For some reason, I feel that Joe Biden will want to quit his office, or a rumor may come out that he wants to step down and leave before his 4 yr term ends. I think something is going to happen around the 2 year mark on his final days in office which will be very soon. Could be related to Hunter Biden as well...

Prediction #33: Cuba will once again be in the news with major changes in Government policies that will allow many new countries to invest in their economic future. Cuba is in dire straights and is desperate for help from the US.  But the Biden Admin is not listening to them. (Revolt and anger will fuel a new round of protests pleading for more help)

Prediction #34: Something will happen to former President Trump in 2023 before the 2024 elections!
It could be from an illness or a physical threat. (I’ve stated this in the past and I think and feel that this will happen to keep him from running in 2024)

Prediction #35: Historically speaking, when looking back at the years 2020-2024, it will be discovered that minorities & women did NOT gain much and were in fact harmed the most by several administrations policies and legislation that was supposed to help, or at least elevate their economic status in the first place. (This is connected to it being lost to Inflation, war, violence and hunger) ..

Prediction #36: A new legal defense called “Political Discrimination” will spur major lawsuits to be filed against some companies, and corporations over their political bias and harassment concerning Free Speech, and will be the basis of a new legally protected class of citizens. (People Banned from Twitter, FB, Youtube etc.) ...

Prediction #37: Get out of Jail Free laws will be written where people can be released from jail or prison for crimes “claimed” to be related to mental reasons, social justice, white privilege, or drug/alcohol affiliated crimes.  (Meaning, people will be targeted for release if they can prove at a minimum that they were under the influence of drugs, race-related mental stress, or alcohol connected to a low-level crime). WEED, COCAINE Etc!...

Prediction #38: Within the next 5 years, the US will look more like the UK with local councils and boards making decisions instead of courts and the old legal system.  ~ What I mean is: a push to make “all things local” will gain traction and there will NOT be a uniform legal system where all laws are followed by the book in every community or state in the US. (Sharia law as well) ..

Prediction #39: Immediate, when people do go to Mars or the Moon to live, they will be required to follow/adopt the Rules, Laws, Guidelines, and Terms of the UN – Unless Elon Musk gets there first, then it will be HIS rules that govern conduct and actions. Going into space will create it’s own set of problems when people question or want to exercise their Free Will!...

Prediction #40: The world will experience 2 serious major threats from asteroids, comets and space debris in 2027, 2029, and 2036-2037. These will be very close near misses, or parcial impacts on earth….

Prediction #41: Elon Musk’s SpaceX will go to Mars by 2025 – but he won’t colonize Mars and will rather have a new Space Station platform that will ferry people and supplies to the Planet for extended periods of time.. .

Prediction #42: Our very first Space baby will be created onboard the International Space Station or a  SpaceX vehicle, through an IVF procedure or in-person marking a new path for space babies to arrive in the next 2-3 years. NASA just this past few months agreed to study the subject!..

Prediction #43: The REAL reason that so many billionaires and the 1% are trying to get to Mars and the Moon is they know that they can live forever in space since it releases our 12 DNA strands to self-heal no matter what the ailment. (I feel that Elon Musk will be the winner of this race between US Billionaires if the US Govt doesn’t interfere with his ambitions for political reasons.) ….

Prediction #44: The Race to conquer Space & Space travel is going to open up a lot of activity in the cosmos where our Space Brothers & Sisters are going to be more active and obvious within the next few years! The number of countries dedicated to space travel has increased where there’s most ALL major players involved now!.

Prediction #45: New quantum computer supremacy made by Google’s & others like Elon Musk’s new quantum super computers will reveal that it can be used by AI computers to read minds and predict the future accuratey including pre-outcomes to elections and world events..



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